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25 years of digital and social media experience in one book.

Learn from the processes I used on brands like Harry Potter, WWE, GHD, Adidias, Ding, Agent Provocateur, Nike, Aesop, COS, Volvo and more

How many times have you sat in front of your content planning document and just churned out 'filler'? 

🥱 Do you find creating each months content monotonous?

💡 Is it like filling in the blanks because you've run out of ideas?

📉 Are your channels performing a bit meh?

🔎 Do you know what your audience wants? 

Questions like these come up all the time, from my work with agencies and big and small brands, that creative well does run dry and you struggle to come up with ideas or figure out what your audience wants.

In this book I'm sharing every tool and process I use to come up with ideas that your audience wants. For your clients or your business. This book is designed to end writer's block and give you the tools to flood you with ideas. Not just ideas, but relevant ones to your audience.

With these ideas, you can churn out blogs, courses, ebooks, videos, podcasts and more. 

Create a list in a central place that you can go to every time you need to create. Then turn those assets into multiple posts for your social channels - I even show you how to do that. One blog can become over 50 posts.

Includes the system I use to store my ideas via automations and extensions.

Stop buying those prebuilt calendars, they are worthless and do nothing for you. Use this book to define exactly what you need to create. 

It includes how to save all these ideas into one central place and is supported by a notion file containing even more resources and videos of the methods in action. Here's the content 👇

- How to use forums for content

- Google Advanced search techniques

- Meetings are idea generators

- Inspiration and prompts from a book a day

- Kindle note legends system

- Readwise highlight machine

- Buzz Monitoring - improve what's working

- The Auto Headline Grabber

- Competitor / Similar Blogs content generator

- Unicorn Content - how using your previous content data helps

- Google Image Tags - a rabbit hole of ideas

- The Facebook Ad Library research method

- Reddit keyword research tool - the goldmine

- Exploding Topics - content from the future

- YouTube content - Dig deeper into the content your audience wants

- Product Hunt - Find pain points and solutions

- Ahrefs Content Explorer - could be a one-stop shop

- Google's searches related to - another rabbit hole of ideas

- Podcast titles/episodes - the work is already done for you

- Listly - How a list becomes multiple assets

- Twitter advanced search

- Monitor conferences - Quotes and Questions and answer them

- Quora is your new best friend + plus my scraping technique

- Book content - prebuilt content structures built for you

- Comments in blogs

- Clubhouse - 24 hours of content

- Answerthepublic

- Semrush - dig deeper into this tool for amazing insights into ideas

- Distracting your mind

- Magazine / Aggregator apps

- Magazine Subscription Sites

- Facebook Groups

- Feedly the ultimate aggregator

- Twitter lists

- Instagram saves

- Udemy, Skillshare

All this plus my techniques I use to curate this into one central point to quickly find your next content prompt for your book, social media, blog post, video, infographic, podcast and more. I'm building a microsite to host all the videos on how to use these techniques too.

The book will be continually supported by a private website where I will show examples and videos for each chapter. Plus as I find new methods or goldmines of Content ideas research I will update the book. On top of this, you will get access to my community where we help learn and share everything online marketing, No code, Automations, tech, tools and more.

A couple of testimonials

You have no excuse. Vincent shows you so many (EASY!) ways to find, create, and curate content that you will never be stuck.
But more than that, he shows you how to squeeze every last drop of value from it. Instead of creating content all the time you actually write less. But it's the right content at the right time and written for the right people. You get to spend your time attracting new audiences. This is invaluable. - Alan O'Rourke, Head of Marketing,


Got mine yesterday. Highly recommended. There are literally zillions of content marketing books/guides out there but this one absolutely nails it.
Discovered a few new tools but most importantly gave me an up-to-date concise reference point for creating original high-quality content.
Also inspired me to get back into creating high-quality original content that builds brands rather than relying on curation that gets ignored and is literally content for content sake. - Gary O'Toole


I have been waiting for a book written by Vincent for a while now, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. I would highly recommend it. If you are looking for the latest and best ways to generate high-quality content and build your brand, then this book is for you. It's one of those books that each time you pick it up, you will find a useful tool to use, or exercise to do. - Alan Heary, High-Performance Coach,


I purchased my copy of the Content Ideas Machine as soon as it came out. Honestly, this book is an absolute must-have for the desk of anybody that creates content for their brand. It is packed with ideas and tools to supercharge your content creation. Recommended.

- Sean Donnelly, Senior Analyst, Econsultancy,


I'm a regular speaker at Content Marketing World which is largest content marketing conference globally and I have been a keen follower of Vincent's work for a long time so I was excited to buy this book. I was not disappointed. It contains a treasure trove of great ideas for content that is useful to any business. It's a super guide full of really practical information and you might find a couple of the ideas in my next presentation at Content Marketing World!!! This book will save you time, generate you more engagement with your audience and generate sales. Just buy it and you'll see. - Ian Cleary, CEO/Founder,

Thanks for your support!

  • A downloadable ebook filled with great ideas to nail your content planning

  • Size
    6.54 MB
  • Length
    45 pages
  • A downloadable ebook filled with great ideas to nail your content planning
  • Size6.54 MB
  • Length45 pages


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